The Sacrament Of Marriage

The Sacrament Of Marriage


The book summarizes the doctrine of marital indissolubility as it was lived and taught in the Catholic Church. This work is a systematic analysis and coherent presentation, which can explain clearly and concisely what are the main arguments that have been involved in the essential properties of Catholic Marriage and the concrete contemporary challenges to them. Topics also discussed are: the biblical foundations, the historical development, the contemporary challenges to the doctrine of marital indissolubility and simultaneously propose ways and means through which a renewed theology of marital indissolubility can be constructed which would adequately address millions of married Catholics and non-Catholics who are divorced and civilly remarried. It provides for a ‘more-inclusive’ pastoral care of those who have suffered through failed marital relationships.

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A Systematic-Theological Analysis of the Doctrine of Indissolubility

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