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Apostolic Exhortation Querida Amazonia by Pope Francis​

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Pope Francis proposes a brief framework for reflection that can apply concretely to the life of the Amazon region a synthesis of some of the great concerns that can help guide us to a harmonious, creative and fruitful reception of the entire synodal process’.

The Amazon region is a multinational and interconnected whole, a great biome shared by nine countries. Pope Francis presents Exhortation to the whole world to help awaken their affection and concern for that land and to invite them to value it and acknowledge it as a sacred mystery. But also because the Church’s concern for the problems of this area obliges us to discuss, however briefly, a number of other important issues that can assist other areas of our world in confronting their own challenges.

The book includes the text of the Final Synodal Document, The Amazon: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology, and a commentary on Querida Amazonia by the noted Jesuit Antonio Spadaro, editor of Civiltà Cattolica, who has accompanied Pope Francis on his many journeys and written extensively on Pope Francis’ pontificate.

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