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Bible Reflections

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This book is an attempt to accompany and guide the faithful to understand the Bible passages of the period of Epiphany (Denha) in a better way. It has several special features. First of all, it deals with all the readings of each day, which helps the readers to have an integral vision of the message of the day. Secondly, these reflections are based only on Bible. The focus is never deviated from the Word of God. In fact, more than a homily guide, it is an authentic interpretation of the Word of God in the spirit of the season of Epiphany (Denha). It will lead the readers to encounter the invisible God in the Word. Thirdly, the interpretation of every text of the Bible is followed by an insightful reflection applicable to the day-to-day Christian life of the readers. The author has manifested a praiseworthy skill to maintain explicit correspondence between interpretation and reflection in such way that the reflection naturally flows from the interpretation. Finally, one can find a beautiful blending of words and deeds in this book in the sense that interpretation of the Word of God is often ended with a call for action in the form a change of attitude or practice or initiation of something new. ​

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