Canon Law On Pre-Nuptial Preparation And Marriage Celebration

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Of late, the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony has not only become incessant but ruthless. Regrettably, a few couples have sought annulment of marriage, even before the flowers used during the wedding have wilted. This is due to poor comprehension of the sanctity of Catholic marriage that is reigned by both divine law and canon law and the commitment it demands. Needless to emphasize on the importance of sufficiently educating the couples on the finer aspects of Sacrament of Marriage and Christian Family Life. Having this broad perspective in mind, the author, Fr T Lourdusamy has prodigiously detailed the canonical aspects that need to be observed in the pre-nuptial preparation and marriage celebration. This book has a vast reach and covers almost all subjects of contention. Surely, it will serve as a fine handbook.

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