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The Catholic Edition of the English Standard Version Bible is now available for use in the liturgy, in theological centers of learning, in Bible study groups, and in basic Christian communities. First published by Crossway in 2001, the ESV Bible is a “word-for-word” Bible translation that seeks to reproduce the precise wording of the original text and the personal style of each Bible writer. The principle of “word-for-word” literal translation is in accord with Liturgiam Authenticam as required for use in the Catholic liturgy.

The English Standard Version Catholic Edition (ESV-CE) will thus form the basis of the liturgical text in the Catholic Lectionary. Such a literal translation is also helpful for all students of Scripture.The ESV Catholic Edition will bear abundant fruit in the lives of Catholic readers and all other readers — in liturgical celebrations and theological institutions, and in personal, family, and communal reading.​

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