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God’s Unsung Heroes


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God’s Unsung Heroes is a biographical meditation on the life and mission of 24 uncelebrated, lesser-known spiritual gems of both the Old and New Testament. This book is the result of meditative reflection of the author’s contemplative retreat at “Divine Springs Monastery” in Goa, India which led him to have an in-depth re-reading of the Bible and eventual personal reflections on the life of those unsung heroes of God. Fr Michael Bistis SCJ meticulously presents us the life and message of the forgotten spiritual warriors. He has attempted to give a detailed character analysis with a method of guided imagery meditation which would help us to assimilate their personalities into us for personal holiness and the greater glory of the Lord. We who are equally weak and flawed could find great encouragement in this book. Imitating their lives is still significant for us today because the book illustrates what is possible when ordinary people remain faithful to an extraordinary God. Reading this book would enlarge the understanding of the Bible, the faith of the Church and the rich treasures of the Christian faith since this reflection is done in the light of the Scripture and the history of the Church. The reader will find spiritual values in this work and that the principal benefit will be a greater interest in and acquaintance with the Word of God itself.

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