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Intimacy With English

Matthew Adukanil

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Have you felt any time a little alien to the sounds and structure of the English language though you have studied it and communicated in it for years? Here is a book that will put you at ease with English. It introduces you lucidly to the subtleties and nuances of the English language and makes you feel at home in it like a native speaker of English. It leads you by hand to the inner sanctum of the English language and lays bare to you among other treasures the immense contributions made to it by the Bible and Shakespeare. It gives you a ringside view of sophisticated levels of communication, boosting your confidence in English. It has a rich section on typical English humour which makes the icing on the cake. It is guaranteed to give hours of reading pleasure to a wide spectrum of readers, be they students, teachers, writers, public speakers or the general public.

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