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Mariology: Doctrine And Devotion

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This book will prove to be a mine of information and a source of inspiration for anyone who browses through the pages. It will very well serve as a resource for a detailed course on Mariology. It is divided into four chapters. The first chapter presents the Biblical foundation of Mariology. The second chapter illustrates the extra-Biblical narratives on Mary from the Apocryphal writings, the Fathers of the Church and Vatican II. The third chapter is devoted entirely to explain the official teachings of the Church on Blessed Virgin Mary, known as the Marian dogmas. The final chapter is dedicated to a detailed study of various Marian devotions. A remarkable feature of this book is that it is comprehensive in nature as it presents the Biblical, Patristic, Liturgical and historical origins and development of all the Marian dogmas and teachings of the Church on Blessed Virgin Mary in the form of a text book in a lucid and compact style.​

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