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Small Christian Communities Today

The Catholic Synod of Bishops held in Rome in 1987 noted “with great satisfaction that the parish is becoming a dynamic community of communities, a center where movements, basic ecclesial communities and other apostolic groups energize it and are in turn nourished. “Pope John Paul II, in his apostolic letter on the new millennium, At the Beginning of the New Millennium, emphasizes the theme of communion and the promotion of “forms of association, whether of the more traditional kind or the newer ecclesial movements which continue to give the [Catholic] Church a vitality that is God’s gift and a true springtime of the Spirit.” There will be some people who look beyond the parish for spiritual nourishment, and there is no reason at all to discourage this. Small communities are not only an integral part of the communion which is the church. They are also an important spur to renewing the mission of the church. Perhaps today we are coming to understanding with greater clarity that all baptized Christians are called to this responsibility of evangelization. Evangelization begins with each person accepting the Word of God. In accepting that Word more fully, individually, and as a community, we become more committed to Christ and to his will for us in our lives.​

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Joseph G. Healey and Jeanne Hinton

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