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The Gospels an Epiphany – Of Free Self and Social Spirituality

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The humanity of Jesus has eternal significance. It helps us understand and taste God through human experiences and, at the same time, interpret human life in the light of God. The dualism, the spiritual vs the social has been an issue hotly debated, especially with the advent of an emancipatory and social interpretation of the Gospels in liberation theology. Part of this debate is the indictment that those involved socially neglect the spiritual and personal. The present work attempts to read the Gospels and the person and ministry of Jesus as the epiphany of the spiritual and the social, both inextricably interlinked.

ensp; ensp; ensp; ensp; ensp; ensp;As a student of literature, the author explores the life and teachings of Jesus as literary narratives and discovers a calling for a personal and spiritual transformation that has a bearing on the life of society. The approach the author takes in the study of the Gospels ndash; which is no less scientific ndash; is innovative and refreshing. Paradoxically, the ignorance of biblical exegetical methods has been the saving grace for this work. It appeals to a larger readership and is captivating as it brings alive the Gospel message. Reading the Gospels from a literature perspective the author adopts, should help theologians and biblical scholars reach new frontiers in understanding the Gospels.

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