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The Holy Martyr Of Kattadimalai – Saint Devasahayam

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This book will go a long way in disseminating the life of a lay man who lived a holy life after embracing Jesus Christ and died for his faith in our land three centuries ago. Though born as a Hindu once he accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour, he was able to insist on the equality of all people, despite caste differences.

The author besides providing a biography of the saint, delves deep in corroborating the historical details with the archival documents and living testimonies in order to remove any doubts regarding the authenticity of his martyrdom. The various processes that the Church took in order to reach the final step of canonization have been carefully described in order to help the reader to appreciate the genuine holiness of the saint. This book is a calling for all the faithful to live their call with deep conviction and commitment. ​

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