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The Pearls For Sound Living

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The book contains reflections from a psychological perspective concerning certain life issues faced by all, especially the children, youth and married couples.  The articles narrate how these issues are to be responded to. As regards children, it deals with the need for counselling, cultivation of friendships, along with specific tips to help teachers for handling children with psychological imbalances. The articles on marriage deal with the question of love, trust and stability in marriage on the one hand and issues like doubt and suspicion among the married partners on the other; the problems faced by the wives of alcoholic husbands is a special addition.

The book is very useful for parents with children attending school. It can inspire them to sort out the issues troubling them. The book is also valuable for teenagers who desire to make the right choices in their careers. If anyone is besotted with anxiety neurosis or behavioural imbalances due to emotional issues, this book can provide wonderful inspiration to remedy their plight.

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