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Wanted Jesus – Body or Spirit: Reward Heaven


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This thought-provoking book, embarks on a profound soul-searching journey within the church, seeking to rediscover the essence of Christ. The primary purpose of Jesus’ earthly presence wasn’t the establishment of an institutional church; instead, Jesus came to teach us a simple path to reach God the Father. For Him, obedience to His Father’s will held greater significance than the observance of the Sabbath and its associated rituals. Antony has critically attempted to find an answer for the quest,” Where is Jesus in the religious practices of Christians?”. Do they really follow Jesus in their prayers, fasting’s, celebrations, pilgrimages or do they just try to see Jesus in their external religious programs and projects?… The author’s effort is genuine to aiding the faithful to seek Jesus first, more than seeking the worldly life in the name of Jesus. This book would help the reader to examine oneself, his perception of Jesus. ​

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