Theologizing Today: Voices Of Indian Theologians

Theologizing Today: Voices Of Indian Theologians

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The articles present in this book manifest their deep commitment and love to the service of the Church expressed through the preferential option for the poor and marginalized and through their respect and recognition of the multifarious cultures and religions. One could easily discover in these articles the different strands of gender equality, human rights, care of the common home – the planet earth, dignity of the person, secularism, vision of promoting the values of the Reign of God. They have been classified under four categories, i.e. foundational, methodological, contextual and futuristic. The readers will discover the Indian theologians’ wisdom and expertise, dreams and visions, challenging commitment to God’s Mission in and through the Church, undying and zealous spirit of theologizing in India.



by: Raj Irudaya SJ


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