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Goa’s Inquisition – Facts – Fiction – Factoids


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Writing the history of the inquisition involves a balancing act and an unbiased evaluation of primary archival data, not selective repetitions of earlier histories compiled largely from secondary sources and peppered by personal biases. There have been bad inquisitors, there have been excesses, and there have been personal tragedies that appear as acts of cruelty and persecution by modern standards. The Inquisition’s jurisdiction in India covered Diu, Daman, the Provinca do Norte, Goa ( Bardes, Ilhas, Salcete ), and settlements in Kanara, Malabar, Mylapore, and Bengal. Punishments varied from mild ( spiritual instruction and penances ) to execution in rare cases. Do such numbers and sentences justify the terrifying reputation earned by Goa’s Inquisition? The secretive nature of its operations and destruction of much of its archives have aided the making of this reputation. There is, however, a considerable volume of primary data still surviving which, when researched and analyzed, may unmake it.
This book is not just about events that occurred centuries ago with no relevance to development taking place today. The history of Goa’s inquisition has a lot to teach us. Change the dates and places, change the names and issues, and we will find very similar and recognizable developments occurring in our world today. Goa’s Inquisition is neither something to be defended nor vilified. Rather, it is something to be studied and analyzed so as to understand what happened, and perhaps more important, its modern avatars. Yes, they exist.​

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